Société Anonyme Magazine Issue 10. "For Wise DanceFloors Only. A little chat with DE RIO."

Some time ago we interviewed the founders and resident djs of DE RIO, a Florentine independent collective and label. 

A little chat with DE RIO...

De Rio is a Florentine collective and record label created by Tommaso Andorlini, Tommaso Ciaranfi, Ima de Franceschi, Daniele Carcassi, Giulio Da Rin. De Rio was born in 2019 with an event, almost for fun, in a garden located in the Florentine surroundings.

The initial idea is to take the club out of the club. In the gardens, in the places of culture, at 4 pm, on Monday...


From there, it was increasingly a crescendo: events, the formation of a solid team, De Rio SoundSystem, up to the creation of a record label (2021) able to concretize the style and philosophy of the collective.

DE RIO Soundsystem is the union of the collective's residents (Abo, TOMO, Plastique01) through a six-hand hardware-only techno jam session.

On 18-11, was released the first track ok DE RIO Soundsystem "DRS Orbital" for the new label from Bologna Immersione Records inside the Various Artist "Kraken" (IMS001).

One month ago, between a few beers and an improvised jam, we had the pleasure to have a chat with the founders and resident djs - ABO, Plastique01 and TOMO - about what are the ideals, the concepts behind their organization, their initiatives, and their future programs.


The residents also told us about their inspirations and their musical experiences.

For Wise Dance Floors Only is their manifesto and represents De Rio's invitation to enjoy the dance floor in a conscious way, appreciating both musical research behind it and being together in respect of the place where you are and those who dance next to you.

What is interesting about DE RIO, in addition to the intent to create a healthy, free and respectful enviroment for their events, is also their not having a specific, musical direction. The three residents dj - in fact - come from different musical worlds and this results in the the confluence of different sounds, atmospheres and vibes at each release, at each event. 

From here the need and the desire to create their own record label that can explain and concretize their idea of music.

Interviews follow...

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