Life Lately - editorial. Exploring the rythm variations of our lives.

Life Lately is a collaborative project with Anne Elizabeth Voortmeijer, a senior student at Polimoda. With Life Lately, the ultimate goal is to capture the contrast between the human instinct for calm and slowness and the chaotic frenzy of today's world.

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection

Life Lately and the contrast of the daily routine

Life Lately is a multimedia project created in collaboration with Anne Voortmeijer, a final-year student at Polimoda. The project aims to capture the stark contrast between our innate human desire for tranquility and the relentless frenzy of the modern world.

The project speaks two distinct languages: the imagery conveys a sense of calm, reflection, and a human-centered pace of life. In contrast, the video (below), building to a crescendo, exposes the frenetic rhythm to which our lives are subjected, mirroring the inescapable busyness of contemporary living.

Life Lately delves into the consequences of this imbalance on our natural inclinations and the direction in which contemporary culture is leading us. The project prompts us to reflect on the importance of disconnecting from the constant buzz and seeking equilibrium between personal needs and external pressures.


Project: Société Anonyme x Anne Elizabeth Voortmeijer 

Art direction: Anne Elizabeth Voortmeijer 

Photography: Jacopo Billie, Andrea Lambardi

Video: Jacopo Billie, Andrea Lambardi

Styling: Anne Elizabeth Voortmeijer 

MUA: Madhu Malathi

Set assistants: Federico Pozzi, Pietro Binda, Emilia Mincolelli, Ginevra Pesenti

Casting: Vittoria Mengoni, Pietro Binda, Pietro Priolo, Gezabel, Mayo, Emilia Mincolelli.

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
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