Société Anonyme Unframed SS23 Campaign

Among the Tuscan Hills, Unframed represents escapism. The escape from the everyday frame we force ourselves to keep on. The escape from the predefined to feel part of something bigger. 

We go, defined without being defined in a continuous changing game.

The Scandi Style, Société Anonyme Magazine Issue 9.

UNFRAMED: the relationship between nature, art and clothing

Unframed is the result of a collaboration between Société Anonyme and Celeste Accoto, a final-year of Art Direction at Polimoda.

The Unframed project is developed in the Tuscan countryside precisely in Volterra, a place where nature and sculpture stand in a harmonious, natural coexistence. 

With Unframed we wanted to find a link in this harmony through clothing. Indeed, the association between nature-sculpture and clothing makes visible how fluid everything is in its essence while having a definite, solid character. 

Sculptures reshape the landscape by framing a precise point in the surroundings and - in our case - are interpreted as a means and metaphor through which to go beyond the frame itself, the known reshaping even the idea of clothing. Therefore, Unframed represents escapism. 

Escaping the known frame to go deeper and feel part of something bigger as a community. 

Let me try 1 1 0


project: Société Anonyme x Celeste Accoto

Art Direction: Celeste Accoto

Video: Nicolò Bassetto

Film, Edit, Color Correction: Nicolò Bassetto, Nicola Cattelan

Sound Design: Nicola Cattelan

Photo: Lorenzo Venturini

Styling: Celeste Accoto

Talents: Filippo Pinna, Giorgia Piccione

MUA and Hair: Cristiana Accoto

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