Sky High Farm: Société Anonyme Magazine, Issue 4

We dedicate this issue of our Mag to a new entry in the Société Anonyme World: Sky High Farm.
Located in the Hudson Valley - New York State - SHF is a farm and a 100% non-profit organization whose goal is to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious food to those most in need.
Sky High Farm is a beautiful project in which the fashion world, while not loosing its aesthetic depth, returns to be a little slower, closer to our Mother Earth and bearer of solidarity, ethical and genuine values.
We're really proud to actively support this project.
Sky High Farm is now available in our store and online at

Société Anonyme Magazine, Issue 4.


Genorisity, kindness, good faith – today, we present you the fashion that feeds people.
Sky High Farm has been testing the fashion-to-food premise for a while now.
After a series of succesful collaborations Sky High has begun a partnership with Dover Street Market and is now selling a debut collection under the label SkyHigh Farm Workwear.

This project is 100% non-profit, the entire production chain working towards a single cause, raising moneuy to finance the farm and continue to produce fresh food for those in need.
We are happy to actively participate and welcome this unique brand into our store and today we want to take the opportunity and talk about Sky High Farm a rebellius, simple and genuine project.
We encourage you not only to check out the collection but to visit their web-si-fa-fa-arte and delve further into this project.


Sky High Farm is a non-profit organization that grows fresh and nutritious food exclusively for donation. The art project and communal place was born in 2011 by the hands of New York based artist Dan Colen and is situated in Hudson Valley, New York State. The non-profit organization feeds communities in need, those who otherwise would have no access to fresh food and the farm’s operations are being updated continounsly to meet the demand.


The benevolent brand was born as an alternative and accessible way for people to engage with Sky High Farm and support the farm’s mission for food justice. Every customer becomes a donor and through these donations the farm is able to get its funds and do its work. The apparel features playful and romantic graphics and with each collection Sky High Farm Workwear will continue to improve its commitment to sustainability.

Société Anonyme Magazine, Issue 4.
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