Mark your calendars for June 11th from 4pm to 8pm as Tropical Animals and Toy Tonics join forces for an epic event at Société Anonyme.

Get ready to be blown away by exclusive limited edition t-shirts born from the collaboration between Toy Tonics and visual artists Kostas Murkudis, Mirko Borsche and André Saraiva. These must-have pieces are sure to turn heads and become instant collector's items.

But that's not all! The party will be pumping thanks the sound of Kapote, Sam Ruffillo and Ricardo Baez and free drinks.

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See you at the corner!!

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection


TOY TONICS is much more than a record label. They define themselves as a culture crew precisely to emphasize the fact that music, that beautiful and meaningful one, can be an element through which to permeate every creative field. Within the Berlin collective, we find musicians, graphic designers, DJs, photographers and figures from the fashion world with whom the label itself collaborates to break down any scheme by creating fanzines, megazines, t-shirt capsule collections, etc.

At the heart of the Toy Tonics world is a strong experimentation with different musical styles coming from the various disco, house, fusion jazz, neo soul, indie dance funk, afro beat and 80s pop waves. The result is an incredible, rich and multifaceted sound in which the crew's values can be freely expressed.

Diversity, freedom, quality, passion, sharing, positivity are at the base of the Toy Tonics mood, vibe. Their motto is: "A stranger in life is a neighbour on the dancefloor" and we fully agree.

In perfect alignment with the message that Toy Tonics brings, we're hosting an in-store event on June 11th to launch the new Toy Tonics T-shirts in collaboration with creatives Kostas Murkudis, Mirko Borsche, and André Saraiva. The event will be in collaboration with our friends at Tropical Animals.

These three artists have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Designer Kostas Murkudis is a former assistant to Helmut Lang, graphic designer Mirko Borsche is behind many of the graphic design projects for brands like Balenciaga and Supreme, and André Saraiva is a Parisian graffiti artist who founded the Parisian parties Hotel Amour and Le Baron.

The event will take place from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM and will be accompanied by the sounds of Kapote, Sam Ruffillo, and Ricardo Baez. Free drinks!


Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
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