Société Anonyme as Event Partner of Tribeca Design's Studio Opening

Tribeca Design is an interior design studio with which Société Anonyme has always collaborated. Our collaboration, in fact, began from back in 2006 on the occasion of the opening of our store in Via Niccolini. In a nutshell, together with Tribeca, the whole tangible of our reality was born thanks to the conception of a furniture/physical concept that could explicate the soul of Société right from the start through the search for unique design pieces and the construction of a visonary hanging. 

We are therefore happy to be a partner in the opening event of their new studio. The event will also be an opportunity to celebrate Tribeca's 25th anniversary as a company.

See you Sunday, Oct. 22, Via Cortesi 27 (Prato) from 5-10 p.m. with music, a few beers and lots of cool design.

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection


It was October 10, 1998 when the TRIBECA store was opened on Via Del Castagno in Prato, inside a residential building designed in the 1970s by the famous architect Marzio Cecchi. Inspired by the first New York concept stores, one could find everything that was trendy for the home in the world in those years.

TRIBECA would later transform, exactly 10 years later, into TRIBECA factory, expanding and moving into an industrial space in the Via Genova Court, where complements and furnishings gave way to furniture, design and creation of furnishings for stores restaurants and private homes. The space over time also became a location usable by collaborators and the public for events, exhibitions, presentations and photo shoots.

Today, 25 years later, Tribeca undergoes another important transformation and traces the direction to follow, starting precisely from the design that will have a more contemporary soul aimed at the Design of the future. The location (Via Cortesi 27) will remain within an industrial context that Tribeca has transformed into a work space that will house in addition to the studio with offices, a showroom and a small Gallery where projects can be exhibited.

Tribeca Design in addition to its own projects, has always worked in the construction of cool, environmentally friendly environments that perfectly reflect the soul of the reality in question. In the range of Tribeca's Interiors projects on the Florentine square we have: Société Anonyme, Amblé, Ermanno Scervino, Armani, Fuordarno B&B. 

So, see you on Sunday, Oct. 22 from 5-10 p.m. to celebrate Tribeca, the new space and its 25 years in business!

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
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