Learn More, Pay Less. Freitag Student Deal 2023.

Freitag's Student Deal is absolutely cool and is back again this year. For one month - August 23 to September 24 - for everyone who can document their student status, -25% OFF on 4 selected items. Scroll down the page to learn more!

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection

LEARN MORE, PAY LESS with Freitag! 

What does Freitag's annual Student Deal consist of? On a selection of 4 different items each year, 25% off for everyone who can manifest their having student status. It doesn't matter how old you are, as long as you can attest to it. 

For this year Freitag has decided to apply this promotion on the following items: F49 Fringe, F155 Clapton, F640 Rollin, F06 Serena. For different reasons, each one might be necessary for you in your deep studies or to get to college, school or whoever with ease. 

Below is a brief description of selected products from this edition of the Student Deal.

F49 Fringe: Backpack Medium. FREITAG's research and development department has finally given the green light to the new "Back to School" backpack. Since there are no tougher conditions than those prevailing in the schoolyard, F49 Fringe has been subjected to the most ruthless tests. Whoever succeeds in destroying it deserves suspension. Size: 290 x 140 x 420 mm; Volume: 20 Liters.

F155 Clapton: Backpack Medium. The semi-professional among FREITAG's messenger backpacks. The prefix "semi" refers only to the volume, which we have reduced to 18 liters, which is commuter-friendly. As for comfort and functionality, it is chock-full of experience gleaned from the professional messenger bags of past decades. Size: 300 x 130 x 420 - 520 mm; Volume: 18-22 liters.

F640 Rollin: Shoulder Bag. A doubly recycled shoulder bag with a top-rolled closure for all urban soccer players who often carry endless things home in their bags. Size: 310 x 100 x 210- 360mm ; Volume: 6-12 liters.

F06 Serena: Pouch S. The elongated, rather small, individually recycled pouch. Its colorful zipper does not let escape markers, lipstick, rather long nails, some chisels and all that tend to be elongated and small. Size: 190x 95. 

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Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
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