Freitag world is now available online!

Finally, the Freitag world and our specific selection lands online. Here, you can find our entire catalog. Find out more by scrolling down this page!

The Scandi Style, Société Anonyme Magazine Issue 9.

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Finally, our Freitag selection is available online. Shoulder bags, messenger bags, shoppers, fanny packs, backpacks for every occasion.

The concept at the origin of the Freitag world is sustainability in all its forms, so much so that the Swiss brand's goal is to move ever closer to producing an entirely circular product.

FREITAG products are not only sustainable, but also incredibly sturdy and can withstand even the most challenging conditions. Whether you're looking for a new everyday bag, a travel companion, or a designer piece, FREITAG has something for everyone.

The reasons to choose freitag are many as they are: unique and sustainable: Each bag is made from recycled truck tarps, so you can feel good about your purchase; durable and long-lasting: FREITAG bags are built to last, so you can be sure they will be with you for years to come; stylish and versatile: FREITAG bags come in a variety of styles to suit your tastes and needs.

In our catalog you'll find the iconic F41 Hawaii Five-O shoulder bag, the highly efficient F306 Hazzard work backpack, the multitasking F261 Maurice shopper, the super-cool F40 Jamie fanny pack, plus a wide range of accessories you need for your everyday like the historic F54 Brandon card holder or the brand new F257 Sutton wallet. 

Below are explanatory videos of some of the models shown above.

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