Victor&Rolf: fashion, art and provocation

The Dutch brand Victor&Rolf is one of the novelties within our brand list for this SS24. 

The brand, founded in 1993 by Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren has always presented a very strong personality and a unique touch in creating collections that are very often on the borderline with art, design and sculpture.

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection

V&R: between conceptual glamour and provocative art

What really jumps out at you in Viktor&Rolf's now dated career is the permanent presence in the collections an original, unique artistic spirit with provocative traits, never taken for granted. Especially in the Haute Couture collections is easy to discern a truly unconventional approach to fashion in which the Dutch duo tends to beauty, elegance of forms in the search for a personal expressiveness, impossible to repeat except through their own language.

The brand's connection with the art world is so strong that it is its very origin. In fact, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren founded the brand in 1993, right after graduating from the Arnhem Academy of Art. This connection to art in all its forms means that the brand's collaborations with museums, galleries, and fashion schools have been many (see MET, Kyoto Custom Institute).

The Dutch brand's iconicity in its PE24 ready-to-wear collection is now available in store and online

Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
Société Anonyme & Lois Jeans Capsule collection
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