Société Anonyme FW23 Collection: The Trailer

A minimalist and unconventional approach has always been part of the Société Anonyme philosophy. Indeed, we find such an outlook also in the current Fall-Winter23 season through volumes, innovative washes, oversize knitwear and a small, very elegant polyester capsule. Genderlessness lingers in the collection and is its strong point.

The Scandi Style, Société Anonyme Magazine Issue 9.

Société Anonyme FW23: The Collection

Société Anonyme's fall winter23 collection reaffirms its concept, fluid, extremely minimal in which the best-sellers of past seasons have been added new styles that always breathe the Société Anonyme mood. New additions for the season include a new totally unusual black bleach wash, a Japanese polyester capsule and oversized knitwear styles such as the Saddle Pull-a maxxxi One Size sweater that can also be worn as a mini-dress.

Noteworthy new styles include: the MAXXI pant with a more feminine fit and whose name already indicates the width of its fit; the Mark pant with a slightly retro style given its flared leg; the Andrew pant with a minimalist style thanks to its darts and volume; and our iconic Ronin skirt, designed specifically to be unisex.

The collection is now available in our store, online and in selected worldwide stores.

Maison Margiela Societè Anonyme Issue 2
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