Freitag Launches its New Carryover Product: F650 DIXON

F650 DIXON is the newest product launched by the iconic Swiss brand. The Freitag brothers have really outdone themselves this time by creating a new continuous item with a truly unique design. F650 DIXON can be a fanny pack, it can be a small shoulder bag. It can be what you need in your daily routine or the accessory you look for on your travels when carrying weight, you just don't feel like it.

F650 DIXON: Your Perfect RE-FLECTIVE sling bag

The F650 Dixon shoulder bag has finally joined the FREITAG never-out-of-stock assortment: for the first time in stores, not only what is already known to all Freitag Lovers i.e. used truck tarpaulins and fabrics made from empty PET bottles, but also reflective bands found on truck tarpaulins will be on display. 

This new multipurpose shoulder bag is super practical because it has internal compartments that can be closed with heat-sealed zippers making it easier to find the myriad of things we usually put in our bags.

The practicality of this bag also comes from its safety factor. The F650 Dixon is-in fact-perfect for those who want to bike home, making themselves clearly visible when it is already dark on the street or the first light of dawn is approaching.

In detail, here are the product specifications: 

- The main zippered compartment is made of water-repellent fabric, dyed during spinning, PFC-free and made entirely from recycled PET (R-PET).

- The secondary zippered compartment is made from used truck tarps.

- The adjustable shoulder strap is made from a piece of Series B seat belt.

- Ensures visibility with reflective bands recycled from trucks. 

- A modern design that facilitates any repairs. 

Dimensions: 300 x 80 x 160 mm ( l x w x h )

Volume: 1 liter

The super practical F650 DIXON is now available in our store and online. On the brand page, all our color variants. 

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